This Way It Can Cure Diabetes, dr. Zaidul Akbar: All Diseases Have a Cure

MAPAY BANDUNG – The doctor who is also a preacher, namely dr. Zaidul Akbar this time reveal the way to recover from diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease characterized by high sugar levels or glucose on the blood. Diabetes is caused by a disturbance in the body, so the body is unable to use it […]

Easy Recipe for Itchy Skin Disease or Psoriasis by Doctor Zaidul Akbar

DESKABABLE – Do not take lightly itchy skin. If left unchecked, it is not impossible to get an infection, it can even cause much more serious problems. In some cases, psoriasis can cause several other conditions such as, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure. To treat itchy skin Psoriasis, a preacher who also professed as […]