Do you remember Kuwaiti artist ‘Samir Al-Qallaf’, one of the heroes of ‘Darb Al-Zalaq’ series.. Look how he became in his latest appearance!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: One person documented a video clip featuring Kuwaiti artist Samir Al-Qallaf in his latest appearance after a long absence. And the person said in the video, “Today, by chance, we met great-uncle Samir al-Qallaf, one of the heroes of the Darb al-Zalaq series,” while the person kissed al-Qallaf’s head, and they are also […]

Was Menna Shalaby sentenced to life in prison?

The case of the Egyptian actress, Menna Shalaby, is still at the center of the chronicles of the pioneers of social networks and Egyptian and Arab newspapers, especially after her recent arrest on drug possession charges, and then her release on bail financial . The novelty of the story is what legal expert Ashraf Farahat […]

In the video.. “Does the insurance” cover damage from floods and natural disasters?.. A “specialist” answers

Al-Marsad newspaper: The insurance and risk consultant, Suleiman bin Mayouf, said that flood and natural disaster insurance coverage for vehicles is mandatory in the “comprehensive insurance only” documents. Bin Mayouf added, during his speech to the “Awares Tadawul” program, that comprehensive insurance includes natural disasters, such as torrents and hail, and are covered by the […]

Al-Shehri responds and reveals a surprise • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Family doctor Saud Al-Shehri explained that walking is not the number one way to lose weight and the best way is proper nutrition. And he continued, during a video clip he posted on his Twitter account: “It is related to the calories burned, for example, slow walking is not very useful, while brisk […]

“Consultant” answers and reveals a surprise! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad newspaper: Radiotherapy oncology consultant Dr. Youssef Kateb explained the fact that “masturbation” causes prostate cancer. He said during an interview with the program “Madam”: “There is no scientific study that has shown that” masturbation “is one of the causes of prostate cancer.” He added: “Sometimes masturbation is beneficial so that there are no changes […]

The world’s first foldable iPhone is being designed! (video)

Unlike many of its competitors like Samsung and Huawei, Apple hasn’t launched a foldable phone yet, despite rumors that it’s working on one. Now, YouTubers in China have created an impressive prototype that shows an iPhone that folds with a central hinge into the screen. Engineers designed the prototype, dubbed “iPhone V,” using “iPhone X” […]