Doping and starvation. Is Tutberidze the dark lady of Russian figure skating?

Throughout the story, it turns out that this is far from just one case of doping, but a whole system of strange practices on how to bring young talents to gold medals. And especially at what price. – Until recently, Russian coach Eteri Tutberidze could be considered a tough but elite figure skating coach who […]

Ester Ledecká, mission no. 3. Two places in the ice trough will decide

In a few hours, Ester Ledecká will stand at the start of the Olympic Congress in Beijing, so the word medal is more often known in the Czech Republic. No wonder, who knows the program of the remaining disciplines at the Winter Olympics, knows that one of the last chances is to expand the women’s […]

The Czechia was close to the medal. But Sáblíková remained fourth

Near the first Czech medal in Beijing was a veteran of her discipline, the Czech speed skating legend Martina Sáblíková. – Right in the first race on the three-kilometer track, the 34-year-old native from Vysočina set a time of 4: 00.34, which was enough for her in fourth place. The Dutch Irene Schouten won gold […]

Beware of what you say, warned athletes in Beijing

Athlete freedom as one of the hot topics before the Beijing Games. Human rights organizations have repeatedly warned that conversations about events in Tibet, Hong Kong or Xinjiang Province could have consequences for athletes. – Former speed skater and chairwoman of the International Olympic Committee’s Commission of Athletes (link between the Olympians and the International […]

Directions to Beijing: No joint photos, no walks on board

The plane with the largest part of the expedition to the Beijing Winter Olympics will depart from Terminal 1 at Prague Airport tomorrow. In Beijing, the sports director of the Czech Olympic Committee and the head of the Olympic mission, Martin Doktor, are already on the spot. He described to the journalists what kind of […]

The senators likened the Beijing Games to Hitler’s Olympics. They supported a boycott

Today, the representatives of the Senate compared the holding of the Olympic Games in China to the Olympics in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. – Politicians have met with Tibetan film director Döndub Wangchen. He supported the director in his efforts to persuade democratic countries to boycott the games. – Senate Vice President Jiří […]