War in Ukraine – Five steps to defeat Russia – UNIAN

We are talking about the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, a visa ban for Russians, limiting the price of oil, a gas embargo and weapons. To recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism for its actions in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and Ukraine was previously called in the US Senate / […]

Reznikov proposed a territorial compromise with Russia – UNIAN

He stressed that the main goal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the liberation of all the occupied territories within 1991. Ukraine will fight until all its territories are liberated / photo from UNIAN The only possible territorial compromise with Russia is a way out Ukraine to the 1991 borders. The Armed Forces of […]

War in Donbas – Armed Forces of Ukraine repel the offensive of the Russian troops: the enemy suffers losses and retreats – UNIAN

In particular, the Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the assault in the direction of Vershina and Semigorye and inflicted losses on the Russians in the area of ​​Vodiane, Peski and Avdiivka. Armed Forces of Ukraine reflect the offensive of Russian troops in Donbas / photo facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua in the Donbass active hostilities with the Russian occupiers continue. So, […]

War in Ukraine – Armed Forces moving forward

According to the president, to date, the Ukrainian military has managed to liberate more than 1,000 settlements from the invaders. In Ukraine, more than 2.6 thousand settlements are under the control of invaders / photo facebook.com/GeneralStaff.ua President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that in Ukraine more than 2.6 thousand settlements are under the control of […]

Named countries that are most actively blocking Russian assets – UNIAN

Since the beginning of full-scale Russian aggression, the EU has frozen the assets of the aggressor country by almost 14 billion euros. The EU froze Russian assets for almost 14 billion euros / photo Reuters European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders listed the leading countries in terms of frozen Russian assets in the European Union […]

Western weaponry is already influencing the course of hostilities

According to him, this puts the Russians in a more vulnerable position. Kurt Volker explained how lend-lease works / photo from UNIAN American and Western armament from the partners, entering Ukraine, is already affecting the course of hostilities. This was stated by the former Special Representative of the United States of America in Ukraine, Kurt […]

Ukraine does not give anything and will return to the lost territories

Zelensky stressed that Ukraine will reach the level when the fire advantage of the occupiers is leveled. The President commented on the retreat of the Ukrainian army from Lysychansk / photo by president.gov.ua President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine is giving nothing away and will return to the lost territories thanks to tactics […]

Arestovich says he can stop Putin (video) – UNIAN

He believes that Europe is “building castles in the air” about Russia’s policy. photo UNIAN Russian President Vladimir Putin only a “simple and direct scuffle” on the battlefield will stop – until the ability to attack is completely lost. This was stated by Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Alexei Arestovich […]