The Ukrainian Armed Forces can legally attack Crimea

The White Dwelling reminded that Crimea is Ukrainian territory. Latest explosions in the Crimea / social community The United States authorized the Ukrainian military services to use Western weapons to strike Crimeaif Kiev deems it needed. He writes about it Politic. “Of class, we you should not pick out targets and all the things we […]

Zhdanov named effective ways – UNIAN

If we are talking about a railway bridge, then the echelon moving along it can intensify the blow. HIMARS systems are already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine / US Army military expert Oleg Zhdanov described effective ways to strengthen the strikes of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers on road or rail bridges. […]

Western artillery supplies to Ukraine will change the war

The use of various Western artillery pieces is expected to hasten the tactical transition on both sides to the use of so-called counter-battery fire. Navy APU on Facebook. Western supplies artillerygoing to Ukraine will change the war with Russia. Writes about it The Washington Post with reference to military analysts and official representatives of the […]