Vaccines to Prevent Not Cure

Jakarta: The government is currently preparing a program covid-19 vaccination next year. Including providing knowledge related to vaccines to the public. “Vaccines create our immune system specifically or specifically to be able to fight certain diseases,” said government spokesperson Dr. Reisa Brotoasmoro in a written statement, Saturday, November 28, 2020. He explained that the vaccine […]

3 Powerful Miracles of Hand Washing to Prevent Covid-19 Infection

Jakarta, Insertlive – Wash your hands with soap is one of the things that is required in a pandemic like now. Quoting the Covid-19 task force, washing hands has three miracles that are beneficial to society if it is done frequently. [Gambas:Instagram] The first miracle is that it can prevent the transmission of infectious diseases […]

COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic but a syndrome, what does it mean?

Jakarta, Insertlive – The World Health Organization or WHO had prescribes Corona virus which occurred almost all over the world is as a global pandemic. There are already tens of millions of people infected with the virus. Several countries are still struggling to prevent transmission and eliminate the virus. The high number of Corona cases […]

Hand Washing with Soap is More Important Than the Use of Hand Sanitizer

BANDUNG, AYOBANDUNG.COM —Washing hands now it’s even easier with the presence of a variety of practical hand sanitizer products. However, these products cannot always replace the role of water and soap in disinfecting hands. Know when you can use a hand sanitizer or when you really need it washing hands with soap and water. Hand […]