“Save Ukraine NGO Rescues Abducted Children from Russian Summer Camps”

04/09/2023 08:59 a.m. – 01:48 a.m Kidnapped by Russia Ukrainian NGO brings back dozens of abducted children The NGO “Save Ukraine” is bringing back to their families about 30 minors abducted by Russia. The children say they lived in summer camps. Some were even sent there by their parents to get them out of the […]

Nurses Prevent Child Kidnapping and Save Lives

03/25/2023 3:46 p.m. – 02:20 a.m Russians filmed mission in Kherson How nurses save children from kidnapping Olha Piliarska is a nurse at Kherson Children’s Hospital. When Russian forces try to abduct children from her facility, she does everything in her power to save them. With creative deception maneuvers, she and her team are able […]

The United States is calling on its citizens to leave Russia immediately

risk of arbitrary arrest USA calls on its citizens to leave Russia 02/13/2023, 09:58 am The United States advises against traveling to Russia, the responsible embassy in Moscow goes one step further: US citizens should leave the country immediately. The background is said to be arbitrary arrests by Russian authorities. The US calls on its […]

This is how Russia illegally trades Ukrainian wheat

The Associated Press (AP) news agency found out through an investigation The Syrian merchant ship Laodicea is part of a smuggling operation controlled by Russia which used fake documents and subterfuge to steal Ukrainian grain and thus help finance Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine. Related news when Laodicea docked in Lebanon last summer, Ukrainian […]

“Warsaw gave up in 1953”: Berlin rejects Polish redress requests

“Warsaw gave up in 1953” Berlin rejects Polish redress requests 01/09/2022, 19:23 – After a lengthy announcement, the Polish ruling party PiS quantified the destruction triggered by the German attack 83 decades ago. Now he needs to negotiate with Berlin for the sum of 1.3 trillion euros. The federal government believes the subject is shut. […]

Ukraine must capitulate: Kremlin: War could be over today

Ukraine must capitulate Kremlin: The war could be over today 06/28/2022, 2:47 p.m – Peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are currently on hold. The Kremlin is certain that the war could be over within a day. Ukraine only had to fulfill one condition. According to the Kremlin, Russia would end its offensive against Ukraine […]