US Calms Russia Over Patriot Missiles For Ukraine

Loading… The Patriot missile defense system is strongly supported by Ukraine against Russia. Photo/Tasr FLY – The United States (USA) has informed Russia that it will not send American troops to operate the Patriot air defense system in Ukraine. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday (12/28/2022) […]

Russia bombs Kherson, launches 33 missiles in 24 hours

Loading… Russia steps up attacks on Kherson, launching 33 missiles in 24 hours. Photos/Illustrations KIEV – Military Ukraine said troop Russia On Wednesday (12/28/2022) mortar and artillery attacks on the city of Kherson recently liberated by Kiev troops intensified. Russia is also exerting constant pressure along the country’s eastern front. “Russia fired 33 missiles from […]

Russia is firmly responding to the idea of ​​a peace summit in Ukraine

Loading… The first Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky. Photo/REUTERS FLY – Ukraine’s proposal for a so-called “peace summit” would not have succeeded if Russia had not been invited. Russia’s Deputy First Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky confirmed this on Tuesday (12/27/2022). Writing in Telegram, the diplomat […]

Zelensky asks the Indian premier to help apply the peace formula

Loading… Zelensky asks the Indian premier to help apply the peace formula. PHOTO/Reuters KIEV – President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday (12/26/2022) he said he asked for help India apply the “peace formula”. This was revealed by Zelensky in a phone call with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The conversation comes at a time […]

Only one country gains from sanctions on Russia

Loading… Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. Photo/sputnik FLY – Western sanctions imposed on Russia over the Ukraine conflict have had a major impact on the European economy, while the United States (US) is the only actor to benefit from these restrictions. This statement was made by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov on Saturday (12/24/2022) amid […]

Attack in Kherson kills 10, Russia blames pro-Kiev forces

Loading… Pro-Moscow officials say the attack in Kherson that killed 10 people was carried out by pro-Ukrainian forces. Photos/Reuters KIEV – Attack Russia in the recently reconquered city of Kherson Ukraine killed at least 10 people, wounded 58 and left bloodied corpses on the street. But a pro-Moscow official responded by saying Ukrainian troops had […]

Peace in Ukraine depends on the United States

Loading… A Ukrainian soldier fires a mortar shell at the front line as the Russian offensive against Ukraine continues, in Zaporizhzhia region, Ukraine November 16, 2022. PHOTO/REUTERS BUDAPEST – Hungarian Prime Minister (PM) Viktor Orban said the prospects for ending the conflict between Ukraine and Russia lay in the hands of the United States (US), […]

Russia reveals joint forces plans with key allies

Loading… Soldiers take part in joint Belarus-Russia military exercises at Brestsky training ground, Belarus. Photo/Sputnik/Russian Defense Ministry FLY – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin has explained what Moscow will do with its key ally, Belarus. According to Galuzin, the combined Russo-Belarusian military forces played only a defensive role. On Saturday (12/24/2022), the diplomat also […]

Russia mocks Ukraine’s “new flag” as Kiev’s status subordinate to the US

Loading… Ukraine’s envoy to the United Nations Sergey Kislitsa tweeted on Wednesday an image of the US flag with stars and stripes displayed in his country’s yellow and blue colors. Photo/Twitter/@SergiyKyslytsya FLY – Ukrainian UN envoy Sergey Kislitsa tweeted an image of the United States (USA) flag with stars and stripes rendered in his country’s […]

US admits withdrawal from Afghanistan to help arm Ukraine

Loading… A U.S. soldier from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment walks with an interpreter from an Afghan unit before a mission near Forward Operating Base Gamberi in Laghman province, Afghanistan December 11, 2014. PHOTO/REUTERS WASHINGTON – United States (US) Secretary of State (Menlu) Antony Blinken admitted that the withdrawal from Afghanistan helped Washington shift resources to […]