invaders still remain at Ukrainian nuclear power plants – UNIAN

The enemy continues to militarize the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Russian invaders took control of two nuclear facilities – the Chernobyl and Zaporozhye nuclear power plants / photo REUTERS – Energoatom expects from the IAEA a political assessment of the events in Ukraine and a call to Russia to withdraw from […]

occupying country accused of gas blackmail across Europe – UNIAN

Europe will not react to it, said the general director of the Ukrainian GTS Operator company. President of the occupying country Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation decided to accept payment for gas supplied to Europe in Russian rubles /— General Director of the company “GTS Operator of Ukraine” Sergey Makogon called Russian […]

Zelensky on negotiations with Russia: Armed Forces of Ukraine

According to him, the Ukrainian side understands all the risks and sees no reason to trust the words that come from certain representatives of the state that continues to fight for our destruction. The Ukrainian side understands all the risks during negotiations with the Russian Federation, Zelensky said / photo REUTERS – President of Ukraine […]

US announces new sanctions against Russia

Фото: Getty Images US prepares new sanctions against Russia – – The blow is planned to be delivered to the defense sphere of the aggressor country, as well as companies with the help of which the enemy has the tools for war. The US is preparing new anti-Russian sanctions to hit the defense supply chain. […]

NATO divided in opinion on the advisability of dialogue with Putin

Photo: NATO divided on the advisability of talking with Putin – – France, Germany and Hungary are in favor of negotiations with Russia, while in Britain, Poland and other countries they believe that this will be in the hands of Putin. NATO leaders have differing views on whether to engage in dialogue with Russian […]

Russia protested to Ukraine over prisoners of war

Photo: Screenshot from video After a short break, negotiations continued – – The Ukrainian and Russian delegations at the talks in Istanbul raised the issue of the rules of war. Russia protested to Ukraine over the treatment of captured Russian soldiers. This was announced on Tuesday, March 29, by the head of the Russian delegation […]

Evacuation planned for March 29 in two regions

The Ukrainian side every day coordinates the corridors for the removal of people – – Three humanitarian corridors have been agreed for civilians in Mariupol, Melitopol and Energodar. On Tuesday, March 29, the evacuation of citizens is planned in two regions: Donetsk and Zaporozhye. It was announced on briefing Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for […]