Merkel believes that leaving Ukraine behind NATO was the right decision

At the same time, the statement states that the Chancellor fully supports German and international efforts to end Russia’s escalating war in Ukraine, especially “in view of the open atrocities in Bucca and elsewhere in Ukraine”. Formerly President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky invites Merkel and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to visit Buch and “look […]

World of Tanks developer leaves Russia and Belarus

Photo: from the alpha version of World of Tanks World of Tanks developer leaves Russia and Belarus – – During the transition period, only active products will remain available to Russians and Belarusians, which will be managed by the new owner. The Belarusian game developer company Wargaming, popular with the World of Tanks series […]

So Mallorca should be brought back to the sales counter

Nothing going on without moss, sounds coarse and colloquial, but unmistakably sums up the current financial straits of many average Otto consumers on Mallorca. Since the impact of Russian missiles in Ukraine, their money has been anything but easy in their wallets. In many cases, the current situation has even threatened the existence of private […]

We can’t let Putin take over Ukraine – Musk

The inventor talked about what could destroy humanity. He called the war in Ukraine a message for other states. American billionaire Elon Musk told what factors can destroy humanity. Writes about it Insider. According to him, a high proportion of the likelihood that people will disappear due to the low birth rate on the planet. […]

Lidl expects inflation of “5 to 8%” on food products

The brand’s purchasing and marketing director predicts a general rise in food prices but is not worried about shortages. In the same way as energy, the evolution of the price of food products worries the government and the French. Particularly in the context of rebounding inflation fueled by the crisis in Ukraine. While general inflation […]

When will the war in Ukraine end?

The United States is ready to help Ukraine in its efforts to maintain control over territories in the east. The war in Ukraine is “far from over” / photo from UNIAN, Vladislav Musienko – White House chief of staff Ron Klein warns that the war in Ukraine is “far from over” despite Moscow’s claims withdrawal […]