The Israeli firm sells anti-hydron defense systems to Ukraine via Poland

Therefore, the company bypassed the ban on the sale of modern weapons to Ukraine. Israel sells drone defense systems to Ukraine via Poland / photo General Atomics Israel sells anti-hydron systems to Ukraine. Poland is the mediator. This is reported The times of Israel. Note that the equipment was sold to Poland to circumvent Israel’s […]

War in Ukraine 2022 – Ukraine defeated the Russian Black Sea fleet – UNIAN

Armed forces failure led to the actuality that the Russian fleet went on the defensive. Ukraine has reworked the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation into a UNIAN secondary pressure / picture The Ukrainian army turned about Black Sea Fleet The Russian Federation turned it into a insignificant force. The Ukrainian armed forces managed […]

War in Ukraine 2022 – planes strike invaders in Novovoznesensky, Arkhangelsk and Pravdin – UNIAN

An ammunition depot was wrecked in Novovoskresenskoye. Ukrainian aviation struck the invaders in three areas / image Ukrainian aviation strike the invaders in Novovoznesensky, Arkhangelsk and Pravdin. He experiences it on his Facebook page Operational Command “Pivden”. “Our a few helicopter assaults from the accumulation of enemy manpower, weapons and machines in Novovoznesensky, Arkhangelsk […]