Wagner Group Boss: The Leopard Tanks Will Burn

Leopard tanks. Photos/Illustrations MOSCOW – The team Russia can seize Bakhmut in Ukraine around March or April. This was stated by Evgeny Prigozhin, head of the private military group Wagner Group, in an interview with Russian media RT. However, Prigozhin noted, the timing is difficult to predict as Kiev continues to receive military aid from […]

The latest battle situation: NATO confirms that Russia has launched a new major offensive, and the United States reminds Russia and Ukraine that the war is about to enter a critical moment | Freezing Funds | Rebuilding Ukraine | Bakhmut

[Voice of Hope, February 14, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Tang Yu) The Russo-Ukraine war is about to expire for a year. NATO confirmed that the Russian army has launched a new wave of major offensives, and Udonbakhmut was heavily shelled. NATO pointed out that the Russia-Ukraine war has become a difficult war of attrition […]

Press service Prigozhin is running at full speed, Kremlin ignores Wagner boss

KICK ONEWagner boss Yevegny Prigozhin at the funeral of a Wagner warrior NOS News•yesterday, 22:03 Gertrude Peene editor online Gertrude Peene editor online “Wagner controls the entire territory of Soledar. I would like to emphasize once again that no units other than Wagner’s were involved in the storming of Soledar,” writes the boss of the […]

The President of Kosovo: “Wagner” mercenaries are helping Serbia prepare an attack

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani warned about possible attack on her homelandas Wagner mercenaries, in cooperation with Serbian paramilitaries, smuggle unmarked weapons and military uniforms into Kosovo. This was stated by the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, in an interview with the Telegraph. Osmani stated that the covert operation was intended to prepare the ground for […]

ISW: Russia throws elite units at Bakhmut

The deployment of Russian conventional forces to the front line at Bakhmut marked the culmination of the Wagner Group’s advance and retains the initiative for the Russian military units around the city. This is stated in the daily analysis of the situation in Ukraine by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The analysis […]

Ex-Commander Wagner Sees Comrades Gunshot While Fleeing from Battlefields in Ukraine

loading… A former commander of Russia’s Wagner Group mercenary group has testified of comrades being shot at trying to flee a battlefield in Ukraine. Photos/REUTERS/Photo Files OSLO – A former commander of a mercenary group Wagner Group Russia has spoken of how he witnessed comrades being fired upon while trying to flee the front line […]

Wagner and the Serbs – hired to torture and execute

Serbia has long been aware of the close ties between its burgeoning ultra-nationalist community and Russia. But only this month, President Alexander Vucic sharply criticized the Wagner mercenary groupwhich is now part of the Russian state, on the recruitment of Serbs for the war in Ukraine, noting that it is “against our rules,” Ksenia Kirilova, […]

ISW: Prigogine’s star is setting

After unsuccessful attempts to capture Bakhmut Yevgeny Prigozhin, owner of the private military company “Wagner”, is losing power and credibility in the eyes of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Now the strongman in Kremuk wants to return the focus to the regular Russian army. This is stated in the daily analysis for Ukraine by the Institute […]