World Cup Final, 2 Women Who Were Naked In Uproar ‘Television Incident’ Return Home ‘Qatar Arrest Avoidance’ US Media Report: J-CAST News[Testo completo]

Two women feared arrested after being shown shirtless during the World Cup final match in Qatar have returned home safely. Numerous US media outlets reported on December 20, 2022. The US media “TMZ” (WEB version) published an article entitled “Topless fan avoids arrest in Qatar… returns home unharmed”. Messi responds to the applause of the […]

Buzzword Grand Prize “Isn’t he good?” World Cup official also posted… Baseball fans rage “I’m sorry about Murakami” “It’s really uncomfortable” : J-CAST News[Testo completo ]

On December 8, 2022, Japanese national team midfielder Ritsu Doan, who attended the World Cup (World Cup) tournament in Qatar, asked on Twitter about the prize for the buzzword: “There is something other than Bravo?” This post received a great response, with Yuto Nagatomo, who triggered the “Bravo” trend, Maya Yoshida, the Japan national team […]

Karina Maruyama, who won the World Cup, is an “amateur who doesn’t know football.”

Karina Maruyama, a former member of Japan’s women’s soccer team “Nadeshiko Japan,” posted on Twitter that the Japan men’s team “will win” at the currently ongoing FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar. Hence, voices were heard criticizing Maruyama for being an “amateur”. Karina Maruyama From Karina Maruyama’s Twitter (@marukarichan11) From Karina Maruyama’s Instagram (karinamaruyama) “But […]

Neymar’s ‘standby smartphone’ 2.3 million likes The world is paying attention to the photo … The upcoming race clashes, even the Korean media are surprised: J-CAST News[visualizzazione del testo completo]

South Korean media are “scared” by the enthusiasm of Neymar (30), who is attending the Qatar soccer World Cup, for the World Cup. Several Korean media outlets published an article on December 4, 2022 introducing Neymar’s smartphone standby image. Neymar’s wallpaper is an image of the World Cup trophy. When local Brazilian and British media […]

A great golden star in the history of the World Cup!Saudi Arabia beat Argentina!Messi’s first goal in the opening stages followed by a silence in the attack… 2 stormy wins in the second half on a comeback |

[11.22 カタールW杯C組第1節 アルゼンチン1-2サウジアラビア ルセイル] The Qatar World Cup hosted the first round of the group stage on the 22nd. C groupArgentina national teamwhenSaudi Arabia national teamSaudi Arabia won the match 2-1. FW at the start of the first halfLionel MessiThough he scored the opener in the second half, he managed to turn the tide by […]