VVD leader Rutte receives support from supporters, but ‘had to fight for it’

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 6.35pm Bernice Willemsen Politics editor Bernice Willemsen Politics editor At around 5 pm, after a vote of almost 40 motions, the leader of the VVD Rutte was able to breathe a sigh of relief. At the party congress in Rotterdam – this time – there was no unpleasant opposition to Rutte’s course […]

Can the party close ranks?

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 06:20 Less than six months after the blow to the previous members’ assembly, the VVD holds another members’ congress. And again it will also be a thorny subject: the asylum law that the state secretary of the VVD Van der Burg has dragged away from the gates of hell. This time the […]

compulsory offer of annual contract and prohibition to change company energy bonus

ANP News from the NOS•today, 06:08 Energy companies must be obliged to offer their customers long-term fixed-rate contracts. Additionally, welcome bonuses for customers switching to a new provider must expire. In this way, the governing parties VVD and CDA want to have a better grip on the liberalized energy market. The parties today present a […]

Van der Burg thinks he can persuade the judge to end for a household excursion

– ANP – News from the NOS•yesterday, 22:26 — Asylum Affairs Secretary of Point out Van der Burg thinks he can persuade judges that the proposed restriction of spouse and children reunification for asylum seekers is admissible. “Is it lawfully feasible? We suppose that,” Van der Burg said at a VVD meeting in Driebergen. – […]

VVD customers in North Holland: municipalities collapse because of to asylum

– ANP – News from the NOS•today, 10:05 — A lot more and a lot more VVD users in municipalities are criticizing the asylum tactic of the cupboard and the VVD faction in the Dwelling of Reps. Not too long ago composed VVD faction chief in Limburg now a letter to the Home of Representatives, […]

Dutch parliament supports search for VVD member Remkes for min…

In the Netherlands, a majority of the House of Representatives has supported the appointment of VVD member Johan Remkes as informateur. The liberal will look for a minority coalition. – VVD’s motion to appoint Remkes was supported by D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, SGP, Volt, JA21, the Van Haga Group and the Den Haan fraternity. ‘Work on […]

Brabant finally has a new board: these 5 parties are going to do it

VVD, CDA, D66. GroenLinks and PvdA together form the new coalition in Brabant. The province reports this on Friday. According to the trainers Karla Peijs and Lambert Verheijen, these parties can work together. They concluded this after various discussions with the parties. – The agreement between the parties will be explained in more detail next […]

Elections in the Netherlands: VVD remains largest party in exit po …

After the polling stations in the Netherlands closed at 9 p.m., the exit poll shows that the VVD remains the largest party, with 35 seats in the Dutch House of Representatives. The strongest climber is D66. It will be the second party with 27 seats, a profit of no less than eight seats. – From […]