Richard Branson IPOs Virgin Orbit

Virgin Orbit A modified Boeing 747 carries Virgin Orbit’s “LauncherOne” rocket. (Photo: Reuters) Bangalore The British billionaire Richard Branson brings another company from his corporate universe to the stock exchange. The space company Virgin Orbit is to be placed via an investment vehicle and come to a market value of 3.2 billion dollars. The US […]

Branson sold part of its stake in Virgin Galactic for $ 300 million

British billionaire Richard Branson sold part of his stake in Virgin Galactic Holdings, which focuses on space tourism, for almost $ 300 million (6.5 billion crowns). However, he remains the largest shareholder of the company he founded. The sale came a month after the company completed its first manned space flight, which was attended by […]

Named the price of a space flight with Virgin Galactic

Photo: The Verge Space flight with Virgin Galactic will cost $ 450 thousand 600 people have already applied for the purchase of tickets. The first touring flight aboard the Unity 23 ship is scheduled for late September. Virgin Galactic resumes selling tickets for flights to suborbital space – the starting price per seat is $ […]

Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Are Not Astronauts! – United States Federal Aviation Authority (FEW) updated the rules regarding definition astronaut this week, after two conglomerates Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson – who both have businesses in the aerospace sector – go into space. In the new FAA regulations, as reported by BBC, Saturday (24/7/2021), among other things, regulates that astronauts are […]

The Bitter Reality Behind Richard Branson’s Escape to Space

Jakarta – Richard Branson rejoicing at having successfully shot to melesat space with aircraft developed by his own company, Virgin Galactic. This means that public space travel will become a reality in the near future. As reported, the British man used the VSS Unity aircraft to reach a sub-orbital altitude of 88 kilometers. Later, space […]

Branson’s flight attracts investors. Space stocks will fly up, analysts say

Branson, who is the founder of the company Virgin Galactic, this weekend he successfully completed a flight aboard a spaceship, which he helped finance. It is this moment that has become a turning point, as it has attracted the attention of many investors who want to do business in the field of space tourism, says […]

Richard Branson’s message when he successfully penetrated into space

Reuters, CNN Indonesia | Monday, 12/07/2021 13:26 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Richard Branson and three of his crew managed to fly into space on Virgin Galactic. One step closer to the space tourism that Branson predicted will be realized. Virgin Galactic flies to a peak altitude of about 86 kilometers, which is the limit […]

Branson took off aboard his spaceship

After 16 years of research and test flights, today’s one, the 22nd, is the first with a complete six-member crew. It consists of pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci and four “mission specialists”, including Branson. Of the previous 21 test flights, three took place with people on board. The VSS Unity shuttle itself brought a […]