It has been revealed when Valheim | will come to Xboxes News block

Coffee Stain and Iron Gate have announced that their Viking survival game Valheim will be released on March 14th for Xbox consoles and will be available on Xbox Game Pass, the date was revealed via a teaser trailer. In less than a month, Xbox players can join the more than 10 million Valheim for PC […]

Valheim will come to Xbox Series and Xbox One in the spring, included in Game Pass

Valheim will premiere in Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One en primavera 2023, as announced by the development studio Iron Gate Studios and the publisher Coffee Stain Publishing in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended broadcast on June 14. In addition, the title will be available from launch on Xbox Game Pass compatible with Xbox Cloud […]

Introduced by the finalists of the Steam Awards 2021

Of course, you may object that Valheim is still in a preliminary approach, New World is rather disappointing after the initial euphoria, and Cyberpunk 2077 is a chapter in itself, but that’s simply what players around the world have decided. Vote for your favorites in the categories below, you can between 22. 12. 19:00 and […]

The date has been set for Valheim’s first expansion

Following a postponement earlier this year, the first expansion is for Valheim finally ready for launch. Hearth & Home arrives at the Viking game on 16 September, and brings with them a number of innovations for players to puzzle with. (Video: Iron Gate) – The date was announced with a nice trailer, which you can […]

Valheim has now sold 5.7 million copies in five weeks

After five weeks on Steam Early Access, the Swedish Viking adventure Valheim has managed to sell over 5.7 million copies. An incredible achievement for any game but even more so for Iron Gate Studios whose development team consists of five people. Valheim is a survival game in a Viking environment where 1-10 players come together […]

Extensive content in 1GB,’Balheim’, a hot new work on Steam

▲ Steam topical release (Photo: Captured Steam Page) — Recently, there is a game that appeared on Steam like a comet and overcame several masterpieces. The main character is’Valheim’, a sandbox game based on Nordic mythology, and despite its early access, it has captivated the hearts of sandbox survival game enthusiasts with its vast and […]

Viking Myth Survival “Valheim” Steam is the same as the 130,000 overwhelmingly acclaimed new work, come to be a Viking lumberjack! | 4Gamers

On February 2nd, a game that was launched in Early Access and quickly made it to the Steam bestseller list. At the same time, it received more than 5,000 overwhelming praise. The online cooperative open world craft survival game with the background of Nordic mythology, “Valheim” (Chinese translation : Wallheim), has received enthusiastic attention in […]