The term Covid-19 Syndemic appears, what is it? All pages – Transmission of the corona virus causes pandemic Covid-19 is still happening in various parts of the world. Reported, Friday (11/13/2020), citing data from Worldometers at 05.15 WIB, the corona virus has infected 53,003,790 people worldwide. Covid-19 has also resulted in the global death of 1,297,476 people, while as many as 36,922,736 people […]

Anti-Aging Drugs Are Believed To Strengthen The Work Of Covid-19 Vaccines In …

loading… JAKARTA – Body humans don’t improve with increasing age. Hearing fades, sagging skin, loose joints. Even the immune system loses some of its strength. (Also read: Hydrogen Powered, Second Generation Toyota Mirai Debuts In December) This phenomenon, known as immunosenescence, may explain why older age groups have been particularly hard hit by COVID-19. And […]

Sequis Insurance urges the public not to ignore schizophrenia disorders

Jakarta: sequis Life invites the public not to ignore schizophrenic disorders because schizophrenia does not consider age, gender, or status the economy. Symptoms are more detected during adolescence or early adulthood because that age is a period of transitional growth towards a more mature period. At that age, many problems may not be resolved so […]

You have to be more vigilant, the Corona Virus can linger on your skin as long as …

loading… JAKARTA – Corona virus new to stay in the skin human longer than the flu virus, according to a new study from researchers at Japan. (Also read: Beaten Corona, Kliyengan Tax Receipts) SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can survive on human skin samples for about 9 hours, according to the study. Otherwise, strain […]

Update on Corona Virus in the World 9 September: 27.7 Million People Infected | Covid-19 Cases in Canada Rise When Schools Open Page all – Spread corona virus globally, it is still increasing day by day. Launch data from the page Worldometers, until Wednesday (9/9/2020) morning, total cases Covid-19 in the world there were 27,715,318 (27.7 million) confirmed cases. Of these, 19,802,301 (19.8 million) patients have recovered, and 900,753 people have died. Until now, there are 7,012,264 active […]