ASUS releases ROG Strix SCAR Gaming Laptop computer Distinctive Version E-activity Normal

Asus released the exclusive edition ROG Strix SCAR (G733C). Notebook personal computer sport This is thought of the most strong simply because it is supported by a 12 “ Generation Intel Core i9-12950HX. “Apart from staying gifted components the most strong, this notebook is packed with distinctive characteristics that be certain the most effective Personal […]

Xiaomi Gives Redmi 10 5G Promo Prices in Indonesia at 8.8 Discount Parties

Xiaomi will start selling Redmi 10 5G in Indonesia next week (8/8). This Chinese company provides a promo price at an 8.8 discount party. Product Marketing Manager of Xiaomi Indonesia Calvin Nobel said, Redmi 10 5G is the first Redmi series product that supports 5G networks in Indonesia. “Redmi 10 5G is an option for […]

Reflecting on Covid-19, G20 Must Clean Up Facing Diabetes Mellitus

The world is still facing health problems, namely the Covid-19 pandemic to this day. However, there are other health threats, namely: Diabetes mellitus. T20 Co-Chair Lead, Prof. Bambang Permadi Soemantri Brodjonegoro said diabetes mellitus is a disease that has the potential to affect the health system. In addition to the health system, diabetes mellitus can […]

Bulog Inspects the Origin of the FMD Outbreak, Sourced from Indian Meat Imports?

Perum Bulog denies that the company’s import of frozen buffalo meat from India is the source mouth and nail disease (PMK) epidemic in the country. This rebuttal is evidenced by conducting random inspections of frozen meat suppliers in India. The Business Director of Perum Bulog, Febby Novita, said that he had personally inspected the process […]

How to Delete Contacts on WhatsApp and Various Other Features

Currently, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application worldwide. Based on reports Statesmanthe application which was first released in 2009 topped the list of the most used applications globally with users reaching 2 billion by 2022. This achievement was obtained by WhatsApp due to several factors, such as the availability of many features that make […]

WhatsApp’s new feature can make users leave groups secretly

WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that allows users to quietly leave groups. The feature is expected to roll out in the coming months. Quoted from Indian Express, WhatsApp prepared the new feature in an effort to make the messaging platform more user-friendly. So far, WhatsApp users have complained about notifications when a user […]

Apple Prepares iPhone Rental Service of IDR 500K per Month

Apple reportedly set up service iPhone sewa. The rates are said to start at US$ 35 or Rp. 500 thousand per month. Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said subscription fees for iPhone 13 can be around US$ 35 per month. While the 13 Pro US $ 45 (Rp 646 thousand) and the model top-end such as […]

Loss After Raising Pertamax, Pertamina Suggests Direct Subsidy

PT Pertamina still experiencing losses despite increasing the price of Pertamax fuel from Rp 9,000 to Rp 12,500 per liter. The reason is that Pertamina buys crude oil at international market prices which touch US$ 103 per barrel. President Director of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Alfian Nasution, said the difference between the purchase price of […]