China’s “Huawei” Substitutes American Components in Its Devices with Chinese-made Ones, Thousands Replaced.

Huawei, a leading supplier of telecoms equipment, smartphones and other high-end equipment, has been a frequent target of Washington’s criticism in recent years over cybersecurity and espionage concerns. The administration of former President Donald Trump banned American companies from dealing with the group, while his successor, Joe Biden, imposed additional sanctions, including banning the sale […]

Tehran responds to Washington: The agreement to exchange prisoners took place last March

The Iranian Foreign Ministry responds to the White House’s denial of Hussein Amir Abdollahian’s statements regarding his country’s reaching an agreement with the United States for the exchange of prisoners, and says that the official representative of Washington signed that agreement last March. Tehran: It was agreed to exchange prisoners with Washington last March In […]

Saudi Arabia and Iran in Beijing… How did China overturn Middle East diplomacy?

After Beijing’s success in mediating the resumption of Iranian-Saudi relations, analysts believe that this step reinforces a sense of growing Chinese power and influence, which fuels talk of the diminishing global influence of the United States. Chinese President Xi Jinping with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz (archive) The sudden agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia […]

A large insect from the Jurassic period reappears.. Know the details

agencies Saturday, March 04, 2023 06:00 PM Researcher found that insect It was found in a US state more than 10 years ago, “dating back to the Jurassic period,” knowing that it had disappeared permanently and mysteriously decades ago, according to Sky News. According to the New York Times, this insect was first found in […]

American jazz composer Wayne Shorter has passed away at the age of 89

Thursday passed away saxophone The American who made a change in the sound of jazz in the sixties, at the age of 89. His media agent, Alice Kingsley, said he died in Los Angeles, without giving a cause of death. American trumpeter Wynton Marsalis was the first to comment on the death of Shorter, who […]

It almost sparked a war… a 15-minute air confrontation between China and America

Muhammad Jamal wrote Saturday, February 25, 2023 09:19 PM A Chinese fighter plane and warship equipped with an attack payload intercepted a US Navy plane over the South China Sea, which is witnessing a struggle for influence between Beijing and Washington, according to Sky News. According to what was reported by CNN, the confrontation took […]

In response, Iran imposes new sanctions against the European Union and Britain

After the European Union imposed new sanctions on Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces the imposition of sanctions against 36 entities and individuals affiliated with it and Britain, on charges of supporting terrorism inside Iran. Iranian Foreign Ministry: Sanctions prevent personalities from entering Iranian territory Today, Tuesday, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]