Börse Express – ROUNDUP / New York shares Conclusion: Dow turns positive

With a final sprint, the Dow Jones is industrial on Thursday the jump into the profit zone succeeded. The US leading index rose by 0.14 percent to 23,537.68 Points to the goal. The broader S&P 500 moved by 0.58 percent to 2799.55 points. Technology stocks were like on the previous days again better than the […]

Börse Express – FOCUS ON SHARES: Crisis-stricken airlines on sale again

The aftermath of the corona pandemic subscribed US airlines have again very high on Thursday Have to cope with price losses. United Airlines let announced that the demand was basically zero and There are no signs of improvement in the near future. Even if this is not a big surprise considering of the almost completely […]

Börse Express – ‘SZ’: Lufthansa and United are considering taking over TAP Portugal

Lufthansa and your United Airlines partner consider a press release according to a takeover of the airline TAP Portugal. The Negotiations with the current owners are still, however not in the final stages and could still drag on, reported the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” (Wednesday edition) without specifying Swell. A Lufthansa spokesman declined to comment on that […]

Börse Express – FOCUS ON SHARE: Lufthansa falls on Tradegate

Lufthansa shares suffer again on Monday about the spread of the Coronavirus. The papers were lost on the trading platform Tradegate Pre-market 1.7 percent compared to the Xetra closing price on Friday. The course was already on last week Falled from mid-October. The spread of the corona virus in China is frightening on Monday cross-market […]

Börse Express – WEEKLY PREVIEW: Appointments until January 17, 2020

Economic and financial dates until Friday, January 17th: MONDAY, JANUARY 6, 2020 COMPANY DATES USA: Media day at the technology fair CES + 0000 pk electric car manufacturer Byton + 1700 Pk LG + 1700 Pk ZF + 1800 Pk Bosch + 1900 pk Continental + 1900 Pk Panasonic + 2000 Pk Qualcomm + 2100 […]