The sixth free game from Epic is Tropico 5

Epic Games Store continues to distribute Christmas presents in the form of games. Yesterday it was Metro 2033 Redux, today it is a building strategy Tropico 5. In it you will become a great dictator and take control of the infamous island of Tropico during the early colonization times and then lead your people through […]

Bangkok orders “437 schools – work at home” shutdown, COVID-19 escape

BMA spokesperson announced the resolution of the BMA meeting, ordering the closure of 437 BMA schools, 292 child centers, ready to serve as a sample agency Work from home from tomorrow onwards. Hoping to prevent a new wave of outbreaks, confirms not yet locked down Today (23 Dec 2020) Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, Bangkok […]

Follow “Young Enn” – Big Bike Group, Koh Lanta, close to COVID-19 patients.

Officials investigating COVID-19 infected people in Phuket, who traveled to organize a big bike activity on Koh Lanta, Krabi Province, initially found about 130 participants and stayed in the same hotel and urged to follow the group of entertainers. Ten more people traveling from Surat Thani. Today (23 Dec 2020) Andaman Lanta Resort on Koh […]

The console from KFC should be very powerful and will heat you and the chicken

KFC is teasing his console again. The chain of fast food restaurants announced its summer KFConsole, a mysterious console that we all perceived as a joke related to the problematic presentations of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. But KFC marketing continues. KFC has even prepared an official website, detailed information a trailer. The […]

COVID-19 poisoning estimates that the Thai economy is damaged by 2 billion baht per day

The COVID-19 outbreak is beginning to have an economic impact. Which the Economic and Business Forecasting Center estimates Damage that occurs about 2,000 million baht per day, if prolonged for 1 month will affect the economy 45,000 – 60,000 million baht per month Today (23 Dec 2020) Asst. Prof. Thanawat Phonvichai, President of the University […]

In just 4 weeks, Thailand’s destiny controls the new wave of COVID-19

Dr. Thira pointed out that 78 million people worldwide were infected with COVID-19. One day, 669,068 more infected people, while in Thailand, the crisis had just four weeks to control the outbreak. Because there is a chance of infection with a leap of 5 times that of the first wave Suggest to increase concentration Today […]

The first COVID-19 “Pfizer” vaccine arrives in Singapore. First nation in Asia

Singapore has received its first COVID-19 vaccine, with Singapore leaders being the first. Of the country that was vaccinated While the EU approves Pfizer’s vaccine. And prepare to distribute to member countries Before starting vaccination at the same time on 27 Dec. The European Commission’s chairman today (22 Dec 2020) that Pfizer and Beon Tech’s […]

express! “Nakhon Pathom” found 5 people infected with COVID-19

express! Nakhon Pathom confirmed 5 new cases of COVID-19 infection, 1 person in Muang District, Nakhon Pathom District, 3 people in Bang Len District and 1 person in Kamphaeng Saen District. Currently, there are patients under treatment. Total of 8 patients express! Nakhon Pathom confirmed 5 more new cases in Nakhon Pathom District 1, Bang […]