Fear of travel chaos due to corona certificate: “Sorry, you can’t…

The airlines fear chaos during the holiday exodus. From 1 July, the corona certificates will determine whether you are allowed to leave or not, but “there are still many question marks,” says Brussels Airlines. Passengers are asked to check for themselves whether everything is in order, because nobody will be able to help you on […]

Russia derives profits from the metal industry

– Berlin Happy is whoever has them: The exporters of raw materials that are currently in great demand. And Russia has plenty of it. Whether steel, aluminum, iron ore, platinum, copper, gold or nickel – between Kaliningrad and Kamchatka there are tons of raw materials that the country exports. Steelmakers, mining companies and smelting companies […]

Second chance for TUI fly: fourth Boeing 737 MAX finally home

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 replaces the older Boeing 737-800 at the Dutch branch of TUI fly. The MAX is not only quieter but also considerably more economical, which significantly reduces the fuel bill. There are 189 seats on board, just like in the Boeing 737-800. The fourth aircraft was initially scheduled to arrive at […]

Not going to Turkey, Tunisia or the Dominican Republic this summer…

The Belgian tour operator Tui is canceling all package holidays to destinations outside Europe this summer. Spokeswoman Sarah Saucin confirms this to our editors. Popular destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia and the Dominican Republic are therefore canceled in July and August. – At the moment, non-essential travel outside the European Union is still discouraged. And […]

Tui Cathedral hosts New York’s early music festival

The performance is divided into three blocks: the first dedicated to liturgical music for mass and office, a second with motets and the last consisting of four Christmas carols and the romance Dame welcome, which closes this recording. It is an eclectic selection that combines works of Guatemalan origin with other large-scale foreign works and […]

New security fund is putting the travel industry under pressure

Düsseldorf The bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook (“Neckermann”, “Öger”, “Condor”) in September 2019 has cost taxpayers an impressive 106 million euros. The aftermath is now even more expensive for competitors. The hardest hit, as a hearing in the Bundestag legal committee showed a few days ago, is the market leader Tui. Because the […]

Corona easing: British book trips like crazy | Economy | DW

After the announcement of the UK’s opening plan for the corona lockdown, many British people booked holidays. Flight bookings from Great Britain had risen by 337 percent compared to the previous week in the hours after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech and vacation bookings even increased by 630 percent, said the low-cost airline Easyjet on […]

Olaf Scholz wants to participate in airports

Berlin Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) only wants to help distressed airports if he receives shares in the airports in return: As the Handelsblatt learned from government circles, the Vice Chancellor relies on state participation if the federal government should jump in on the airports that are in need due to the corona crisis. […]

Handelsblatt Morning Briefing: CDU fetish “black zero”

– Good morning dear readers, if you read what the CDU is currently publishing about Helge Braun, “their” minister in the Chancellery, one might think that the man is a “submarine” of the Greens or the Social Democrats in the vicinity of Angela Merkel. The party-internal criticism fell on the trained doctor so unanimously and […]