Defendants are said to have cheated insurance – SWR Aktuell

With deliberate accidents, eight people are said to have stolen 60,000 euros from insurance companies. The case will be heard on Wednesday at the Trier district court. But there is a problem with the statute of limitations. The eight defendants are accused of having faked nine accidents in and around Trier in order to then […]

Heavy storms raged here tonight

Coming from the west, severe storms reached Germany at night. There was a huge crash in some regions. Extreme weather conditions can also be expected on Sunday. Shortly before midnight, the first storm front reached the Rhineland, with speeds of 60 km / h and hailstorms. Jörg Kachelmann’s weather service even warned of a possible […]

How the flood situation is developing in Germany

Dhe flood situation on the Rhine remains tense due to the thaw and persistent rainfall. The levels continued to rise on Tuesday, albeit only slightly. Parts of the Upper and Middle Rhine are closed to shipping, for example near Worms and Speyer, but also further downstream on the Middle Rhine near Bingen and Koblenz. According […]

Measurement error: Use of speed cameras in Trier stopped

March 16, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Paid content: Fines : Measurement error: City of Trier is no longer allowed to use a speed camera – what the lawyer advises motorists The city of Trier is no longer allowed to use the speed camera from a certain manufacturer. He is suspected of measuring incorrectly. Photo: Friedemann […]

The Metropolis of Rouen launches its application to help you sort your waste

Posted on 03/9/2021 at 06:36 Convenient. An application is available to help you sorting, but also to request a new bin, report a wild deposit … It is initially deployed in five municipalities in the Metropolis. When is the garbage picked up on my street? How to report a wild deposit? Where is the nearest […]

That threatens the dead speeder from Trier

Insidious or base motives could be traits of murder Trier is in shock, the background to the crime of a suspected gunman has yet to be determined. What punishment does the perpetrator face? “If it really was a rampage, there is a risk of an investigation and arrest warrant for suspected murder and attempted murder,” […]