Risma Angry in Tuban about Social Assistance: Where Does One Month’s Money Go?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini scolded the Head of the Tuban Social Service, Eko Julianto, during a visit in Sendangharjo Village, Subdistrict Tuban, East Java, on Saturday (24/7). Risma was angry because she found that the Non-Cash Food Aid (BPNT) or the basic food program had only been disbursed for […]

Angry ASN Wyata for Gegara Lelet, Social Minister Risma: I’m moving to Papua

Bandung – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini suddenly gathered ASN on duty at Wyata Guna Hall, Bandung City, West Java. He then scolded the ASN for not working well. Monitoring detik.com, Tuesday (13/7/2021), the dozens of ASN were lined up by Risma in the yard of the Wyata Guna Hall. Risma said she was […]

Police Investigate Risma’s Report About Bandel PKH Companion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) Police is following up on the report made by the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini related to the alleged abuse of the rights of beneficiary families (KPM) which allegedly involved unscrupulous persons accompanying the Family Hope Program (PKH). “We are still investigating to collect materials, information […]

Long Tail Alor Regent Angry at Risma

Jakarta – The angry incident of the Regent of Alor Amon Djobo to the staff of the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) and insinuated the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini already passed. However, the aftermath of the problem continued, to the point that Amon Djobo was angry with the governor. This incident became known […]

Before going viral, Risma met the Regent of Alor but was ignored

Surabaya – Anger videos Regent of Alor Amon Djobo to the staff Ministry of Social Affairs and also offend Social Minister Tri Rismaharini viral. Apparently, before the video went viral, Risma met with Amon. But Risma was ignored. “I actually came before it went viral. But I knew he was angry. I came on purpose, […]

PDIP withdraws support to Alor Regent who is angry with Risma’s subordinates

Jakarta – PDI-P (PDIP) withdrew its support for Regent of Alor Amon Djobo and Deputy Regent Imran Duru. The withdrawal of this support came after Amon Djobo scolded the subordinates of the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, who is an elite PDIP. The revocation of support for Aman Djabo was stated in a letter […]

Asked about the Cabinet Reshuffle Issue, This is Risma Halaman’s answer

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com – Issues about cabinet reshuffle blowing again. A number of names of ministers were rumored to be included in the possible reshuffle plan by President Joko Widodo. Responding to this, the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini confessed to knowing absolutely nothing about reshuffle issues. Risma said that the policy regarding the cabinet […]

Rows of Ministers Eligible for Reshuffle According to the IPO Survey, There are names from Yasonna Laoly to Luhut Panjaitan

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Vice President Maruf Amin and the ministers of the Forward Indonesia Cabinet on the veranda of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (23/10/2019). (Source: Kompas.com/WAHYU PUTRO A) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Indonesia Political Opinion (IPO) survey institute published a list of ministers with the most satisfactory performance. There is also a […]

Risma wearing boots through the mud to give aid to the victims of the Bima flood. Page all

BIMA, KOMPAS.com – Minister of Social Affairs (Mensos), Tri Rismaharini visited flood victims in the district Bima, NTB, Monday (5/4/2021) at 14.00 WITA. During that visit, Risma brought logistical assistance for affected victims in the form of family equipment, evacuation equipment, and clothing for flood victims worth Rp 1,289,302,685. From observation Kompas.com, the first location […]