The list of Russian spies in Bulgaria is endless Siberia

The full truth for some has come out only in recent years The list of Bulgarians who hand over or sell state and military secrets to Russia or the Soviet Union, or work directly for their intelligence, is as endless and vast as Siberia. It is unlikely to ever be finalized, because the Russian-Soviet institutions […]

China suspended flights with Great Britain :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Gareth Fuller / PA / AP China has decided to suspend flights with the UK due to a new strain of coronavirus. This was announced by Wang Wenbin, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, transfers Xinhua. He added that Beijing will closely monitor the situation and adjust control measures in accordance with the need. […]

Detentions began at a protest rally in Minsk :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: Daria Buryakina / The security forces began to detain the participants of the opposition rally in Minsk, report and the Nexta Telegram channel. The march began in the Komarovka area, activists took to the streets with bright posters and masks. Detentions are taking place at the Iceberg shopping center on Yakub Kolas […]

Johnson’s National Security Advisor Mark Sedville resigned :: Politics :: RBC

Mark Sadville (Фото: Andy Wong / Getty Images) UK National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedville resigned. Relevant document posted on the website of the government of the country. “I will resign and leave the civil service at the end of September,” Sedville said in a letter to […]

Mosquitoes don’t transmit coronavirus, new study finds

Mosquitoes can transmit malaria, dengue fever or other diseases when they bite humans. But according to a study made public Thursday by the Italian National Institute of Health (carried out in collaboration with IZSVe, an animal health research organization), they do not transmit the new coronavirus Covid-19. Neither the common mosquito nor the tiger mosquito. […]

“Do children not transmit the virus? This is not true “

While many experts believe that a gradual return to school for children is harmless, not everyone agrees. This is the case of virologist Marc Wathelet, who claims that GEES experts and the government would seek above all to reassure the population: “It is true that parents would be reassured to know that children do not […]

“The coronavirus can continue to be transmitted”

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2020 at 11:20 a.m. By Sudinfo During the daily press briefing on the situation in Belgium, Emmanuel André dwelt on the reason why new cases of coronavirus were still reported. The inter-federal spokesperson wanted to clarify the situation regarding the effectiveness and the need for containment measures, despite the figures […]