Tok! Elon Musk’s Son Legally Becomes Girl and Changes Name

Jakarta – Son of Elon Musk has appealed to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to change the name and also gender. Now, the court has decided to grant it. As quoted detikINET from USA Today, Friday (24/6/2022) Judge Rafael Ongkeko has approved the legality application filed by Xavier Alexander Musk who wants to change […]

Stop transgender swimmer. Most will not be allowed in elite women’s competitions

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) will ban transgender athletes from competing in elite women’s competitions if they have gone through any part of the male puberty process. – The new regulation requires female athletes to complete a gender reassignment by the age of 12 or not to go beyond the so-called Tanner stage of puberty […]

Texas Judge Blocks Transgender Child Abuse Investigations | Transgender

On Friday, a Texas court blocked the state child and youth welfare agency’s investigations of child abuse into three families who allowed their children to initiate sex change treatments and procedures. The Travis County District Court granted a temporary restraining order for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) not to investigate the […]

Ricky Gervais under fire for transphobic comments in new show

The new Netflix special SuperNature by Ricky Gervais has been criticized for transphobic comments. The American LGBTQI rights group Glaad calls his show ‘dangerous’. – In the first five minutes of the Netflix special, which was released on Tuesday, Gervais started off with a series of comments about trans women. Among other things, about their […]

Burešová does not find peace! Insult first, death threats now?

This whole case started a few weeks ago. Vojta Kitten, together with other performers, made fun of Saxony in the show We Like the Czech Republic. The actor began to liken her to a transgender person, and his other colleagues just poured oil on the fire. Burešová she didn’t like it and called, let alone […]