Giving bad reviews on hotels, direct tourists “Stuck” for life

Jakarta – Husband and wife are not satisfied Hotel they occupy. They also give really bad reviews on travel sites. Quoted by Mirror, Monday (10/24/2022) this married couple stayed at the Bonham Hotel, Edinburgh, England. They said they had been there many times over the years. But this time they were really annoyed. This couple […]

Horrified tourist, harassed while staying at the hotel

Jakarta – Case abuse to tourist happen again. This time, a woman was harassed by hotel employees in Mallorca, Spain. The incident took place at the Playa de Palma hotel. The alleged attacker was a 56-year-old security guard. Currently, he has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting hotel guests. The unfortunate incident began when a […]

Tourist killed and injured in a hot-air balloon accident in Cappadocia Turkiye

CAPPADOCIA, – Two Spanish tourists were killed and three injured on Tuesday morning when their hot air balloon landed hard in Cappadocia, Turkiye. The balloon took off from the Avanos district at dawn on Tuesday (10/18/2022), according to the confirmation of the governor of Nevsehir province. “During the landing of the hot air balloon […]

Hiberus and Inmark will transform tourist destinations in Latin America with technology

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), based in Washington and whose social purpose is to finance feasible economic, social and institutional development projects and promote regional commercial integration in the Latin American and Caribbean area, has awarded the Spanish companies Hiberus and Cash on delivery consultancy related to the digital transformation of various tourist destinations in […]

Impression on gas, be ready to skyrocket travel fees by 30-50%

Jakarta – Improve in the cost of gasoline have a direct effects on journey. Charges are envisioned to raise by up to 50%. Astindo’s head of domestic and inbound tourism, Heben Ezer, explained that tourism players, especially transportation, had anticipated the increase in gasoline price ranges that had been prepared by the government. When the […]