Norway tightens restrictions on Covid-19

From Wednesday, people living with a Covid-19 patient will be required to self-isolate until they test negative for Covid-19. This rule will be binding on all adults, regardless of vaccination status, but only a recommendation for children, Stere said. People with Covid-19 will need to be quarantined for five days. The Prime Minister emphasized that […]

Omicron is not a cause for panic, says Biden

The new type “is a cause for concern, it is not a cause for panic,” Biden said. The United States is in a good position to control the spread of the omicron variety without resorting to “curfews” or new travel restrictions alongside those already in place in eight southern African countries, the president stressed. “We […]

The Swedish parliament elects Andesson for the second time as prime minister

Andesson is the first woman to be elected head of the Swedish government. Parliament had already elected Andesson as prime minister on Wednesday, but she resigned a few hours later, after the Green Party left the coalition and before she officially took office. The 54-year-old politician is the current finance minister and will now lead […]

Russian maneuvers near Ukraine: preparing for war or bluffing?

In the last month, users of Russian social networks have published a lot of videos with the movement of military equipment on roads and tracks near Ukraine – near Rostov, Voronezh, Kursk, Bryansk. Various equipment is carried – from tanks to Iskander missile systems. The Russian army has lifted the West with its movements, but […]