A public meeting on the Coronavirus this evening in Bordeaux

France no longer has any patient infected with the coronavirus, but vigilance remains essential, warned the Minister of Health, Olivier VĂ©ran. Recommendations have been implemented for people returning from Lombardy and Venetia, Italy, the border country which is the most affected in Europe.In this context, the first public meeting on the Coronavirus epidemic is organized […]

two dead in Italy, a dozen barricaded cities

A 78-year-old Italian is the first European to die after being infected with the new coronavirus in Italy, where part of the north of the country has barricaded himself since Friday February 21 after several cases of contamination. Another person died on the peninsula. The first patient had been hospitalized for ten days in Veneto, […]

A transgender prostitute fatally mowed in the Bois de Boulogne

A transgender sex worker was fatally hit by a car in the Bois de Boulogne on the night of Thursday to Friday, a voluntary act according to the first elements of the investigation, we learned from a source close to the investigation. The drama took place around 2:30 am, according to the police source, confirming […]

a man victim of a knife attack responds and plunges his attacker into a coma

30-year-old man turned on attacker, armed with knife, punched several times, reports The Parisian. The facts took place on Wednesday 19 February in Louvres (Val d’Oise). Adobe stock Firefighters were called Wednesday night at No. 14 rue de Paris in Louvres (Val d’Oise), for a brawl to say the least unusual, reports The Parisian . […]

a more precise picture of the epidemic

A team of Chinese researchers has dissected the records of more than 72,000 patients. Eight out of ten patients are affected by mild forms, and the elderly or weakened are the main victims. Workers in protective gear examine specimens inside a laboratory following an outbreak of the new coronavirus in Wuhan, China in early February. […]

the importance of the vaccine for pregnant women

Never harmless, seasonal flu is even less so in pregnant women, immunocompromised because of their condition, for which the consequences can be dramatic. “The flu can be much more severe, breathing difficulties take on proportions that are difficult to control, and a mother’s respiratory failure can have consequences for the fetus, indicates the Pr Yves […]

nearly 1,800 dead, “impossible to predict” development

Caution is advised. If official figures confirm a certain decline, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the spread of the coronavirus remains “impossible to predict“. Le Figaro takes stock of the viral pneumonia epidemic this Monday, February 17. 105 dead in one day The total number of deaths due to the epidemic of […]

Elton John suddenly stops concert in Auckland due to pneumonia

“I can’t sing, I just lost my voice,” said the British star, who is in New Zealand on her world tour. Through Le Figaro with AFP After being examined by a doctor at a concert in New Zealand, Elton John sang two more songs before stopping in the middle of the concert. PA Photos / […]

“There will be other epidemics of coronavirus”

INTERVIEW – The head of the infectious diseases department at Bichat hospital believes that the fight against Covid-19 will allow the development of a vaccine against coronaviruses in general. “Many people are afraid of vaccines, and that is nonsense. One of the reasons people don’t trust them is that they have been very effective. These […]