Plekanec and Šafářová: A modest wedding because of Vondráčková!

They got engaged last year and almost literally burned with love. “The request for a hand was very romantic, we almost burned out,” laughed the tennis player in the 7-crash show Honza Dědek, who is broadcasting Prima today at 9.35 pm. “Pleky” tried a specialty, which did not work. “It was a heart-shaped lantern of […]

Lucie Vondráčková’s intimate confession: How is the relationship?

Lucie Vondráčková has been without a partner for some time now. However, as soon as she starts filming something with any male counterpart, the public will immediately assign it to her. The singer has now decided to put everything in perspective and reveal how it is with the relationship. After the divorce from Tomáš Plekance, […]