How to provide variety in the home office – living

Are you already talking with your coffee cup out of sheer boredom? Time to visually refresh your home office. Many have been working at home for several weeks. High time for a change of scenery! So that you don’t have to renovate your entire apartment right away, we have put together accessories that will quickly […]

Gabalier invites with liquor to Facebook live show – music

With a somewhat bizarre video, Andreas Gabalier announced a “one-man live show” for Easter Monday. There will be a live performance at 7 p.m. “Just a little,” says a Gabalier wearing a protective mask into the camera on Easter Sunday – and apparently pouring himself a large sip of schnapps. What does he want to […]

“No better time to quit smoking” – Health

Until now it was only a suspicion, now it has been proven: smokers literally pave the way for the novel corona virus with their vice. “There is a lot of evidence that smoking is one of the major risk factors for being much more affected by the coronavirus or even dying.” Some time ago, the […]

Netflix deleted “Tiger King” episode after just 5 minutes – TV streaming

On Easter Sunday, some wanted to make themselves comfortable on the couch and watch the latest episode of the hype series. Vain. The documentary “Tiger King” has been turned off for a long time. Since the quarantine came into force, the series has made a breakthrough. In Austria, documentation about the big cat lovers is […]

Great mourning for popular chaplain in Amstetten – Lower Austria

Two priests from the Amstetten branch of the Salesian Don Bosco died on Covid-19. One of them was the sports chaplain Roman Stadelmann, who was particularly popular with young people. Two elderly priests from the Amstetten branch of the Salesian Don Boscos died of Covid-19. Several other religious who live there are also infected with […]

Infected people also have to work in the hospital – news

According to one employee, employees in the cantonal hospital of St. Gallen have to continue working positively. Even though there is no shortage of staff. Despite a positive corona test, a nurse has to continue working in the St. Gallen hospital. With her colleague Aurelia *, this shakes her head. Not only is it risky, […]

Which engine is better to take Hyundai Creta

Choosing a car for a certain price always comes down to three main points: engine, body color and equipment. Today we’ll talk about which engine is better to take the Korean Hyundai Creta crossover. “Kreta” on the Russian market is offered with two power plants – a volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. Both engines […]

Rescued on NGO ship in 14-day quarantine – News

The German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” has brought 156 people to safety. However, these may not enter Italy, but must be quarantined for two weeks. In the past mission, the German rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” saved 156 people and brought them to safety. But the ship may not call at an Italian port in the […]

“Wildecker Herzbube” wants to die on stage – music

The fans of the “Wildecker Herzbuben” tremble for their idols. Health problems could mean the end of the cult duo. The two “Herzilein” singers Wilfried Gliem (73) and Wolfgang Schwalm (65) enjoy absolute cult status among folk music fans. All the more shocking that the youngster of the “Wildecker Herzbuben” is seriously ill and that […]

Park sheriffs now as corona cops in federal gardens – Vienna

The federal gardens will open from Tuesday. The police will “also use organs for parking space monitoring for the first time,” said State Police President Pürstl. After a long political dispute between Vienna and the federal government, the federal gardens will finally be opened to visitors again on Tuesday – albeit under strict conditions. These […]