James Bond is in “No Time To Die” father events

Suddenly there is Mathilde (5). Your dad: James Bond, 007. If you think that nothing can surprise after so many Bond films, you should hold on. The new part can shock old fans. According to reports from the English “Daily Mayl “the agent with the license to kill suddenly became dad. The mother is Dr. […]

“Xenoblade Chronicles” is better than ever on Switch – game tests

In its third release “Xenoblade Chronicles” is finally playable in the quality that it should have been from the beginning. The video game industry loves new releases. They usually do not cost too much in production and can make a nice plus on the publisher’s account. These new editions then operate under titles such as […]

Bald men die more often from coronavirus life

According to a new study, bald people are at higher risk of severe Covid 19 history. What sounds crazy seems to have a hand. “We assume that hair loss is an indicator of a severe course of the disease,” researcher Carlos Wambier summarizes the result of his study against Telegraph.co.uk. The relationship between baldness and […]

Buhlschaft Caroline Peters on Muslims and porn scene

In “How did we deserve this?” (Friday, June 5, 8:15 p.m., ORF1) Caroline Peters plays a mother whose teenage daughter suddenly wears a headscarf. In the interview, Peters tells “Today” how she feels about Islam, but also why she is an Instagram fan and why you will never see her in porn or in the […]

“The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor” attracts Skyrim fans – digitally

The new chapter “Greymoor” for the role-playing game “The Elder Scrolls Online” not only entices with its usual good implementation, but also with numerous allusions to the game brother “Skyrim”. In “The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor”, as part of the annual shower adventure “The Black Heart of Skyrim”, we return to the icy tundra and […]

Does Alia Shawkat move in with Brad Pitt? – People

Hollywood star Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat still spend a lot of time together. Soon she even wants to move in with him. After the divorce from Angelina Jolie, actor Brad Pitt has been said to have had some affairs, including with Gwyneth Paltrow and his ex Jennifer Aniston. But with actress Alia Shawkat (“Arrested […]

“Glee” colleague bullied: Lea Michele apologizes – People

Actress Samantha Ware and other colleagues accused former “Glee” colleague Lea Michele of bullying. The 33-year-old now responded to Twitter. It all started when Lea Michele commented on the death of African American George Floyd. “It was not an isolated incident and it has to end,” she says on Twitter. A statement that makes her […]

Lying billionaire Kylie Jenner squandered 130 million people

Once the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner was dethroned in disgrace on Friday. Now a magazine also revealed that it is spending millions as if there was no tomorrow. The business magazine “Forbes” named Kylie Jenner and her cosmetics company the youngest billionaire in 2019 at the age of 21. On Friday everything turned out very […]

“That Ibiza video is shown leaves me speechless” – politics

Johann Gudenus (43) speaks before his appearance on the U-committee on Thursday “Today” again about the Ibiza affair. The fact that the video from the villa is now to be shown makes him “speechless”. In the interview, he reveals what became of his forest in Lower Austria, what he lives on – and whether he […]

Pensioner knocked to the ground in front of a bank and robbed – Vienna

On Friday in Vienna-Floridsdorf, an 80-year-old boy was knocked down and robbed by a stranger in front of a bank branch. The search is running. The pensioner told officials that he had withdrawn cash in the upper three-digit euro range from the bank. He was then approached by a man in front of the branch […]