A meteorite throws the two rarest metals to Earth

Scientists have discovered two minerals never seen before on Earth inside a massive meteorite in Somalia that may hold important clues about how asteroids formed. The two new minerals were found within a single 70g piece taken from the ‘El Ali’ meteorite, which collided with Earth in 2020, and weighed 16.5 tonnes (15 tons). And […]

A bar owner uses a cunning ploy to attract customers .. After throwing a bill in front of the bar at the visitors, the shock was! • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: a Jordanian citizen was sentenced to prison after resorting to an out-of-the-ordinary marketing ploy to attract customers and promote a new café he wanted to open in the capital, Amman. In his marketing trick, the Jordanian citizen relied on throwing a “fifty” dinar note in front of the visitor and customer bar, which […]

See… an impressive reaction from college students to their instructor as he provides his farewell speech at his retirement social gathering

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A online video clip confirmed students’ spectacular response to their trainer as he sent his farewell speech at the retirement ceremony at the Al-Suwaydiyah Education Advanced in Uhud Al-Masarha Governorate in Jazan. The movie showed the teacher becoming moved and crying as he sent his farewell speech, as students appeared jogging and hugging […]

Adraee reviews on Fayadh’s throwing of stones and stones in the occupied lands

Israeli army spokesman Avichai Adraee commented on the Minister of Social Affairs and Electricity, Hector Hajjar and Walid Fayyad, throwing stones at the occupied territories, saying: “A scene that deserves nothing additional than the Arab proverb in its Lebanese variation. : If your property is in Qazaz, don’t toss stones at people. “ A scene […]