Economics and epidemics – Vedomosti

Economists are good at analyzing consequences and calculating results. It’s much harder to predict. However, life does not wait – the authorities of different countries have to make decisions in real time. How hard should quarantine be? How should aid be distributed to citizens without incomes so that quarantine is as effective as possible? What […]

coronavirus threatens to destroy Italian health

Every fifth Italian healthcare provider is infected with COVID-19. And given that 70 percent of doctors are women, we can say that the weaker sex is on the first line of defense of the country from coronavirus infection. This was reported on the United Nations Twitter page. CNN claims that 17 doctors have died in […]

Why the new Nissan Juke will cause a commotion in Russia

No one can resist the new Japanese crossover. Today, Chinese cars are showing an increase in quality, so many Russians naively believe that now such cars will be compared to cars of famous brands. “Celestial” developers also counted on this, but something went wrong. This “something” was the news that the Japanese in Russia patented […]

Experts warned Russians about bonus card fraud schemes :: Society :: RBC

Fraudsters several thousand times tried to illegally take advantage of Russians’ discount bonuses in 2019. About it report “News”. Some cybercriminals gained access to personal accounts of customers, after which they paid with their bonuses for their purchases, said the head of the Anti-Fraud Department of the Application Security Systems Center at Jet Infosystems Alexey […]