Harry and Megan also got involved in a scandal with their daughter’s name

The hope that Lilibet could play the role of an olive branch to the palace quickly evaporated. The British queen had a difficult week. Elizabeth II was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of her late husband, Prince Philip, for the first time alone at Windsor Castle. He chose to do so with […]

Ligue 2: against Toulouse, the HAC will play very big

It’s a duel that all other contenders for survival in Ligue 2 will follow closely. A face-to-face, not extremes, but almost, which offers the men of Paul Le Guen a third cartridge, when the formations which precede them only have two. Late match of the 34th day, this HAC – Toulouse is therefore worth gold. […]

SM Caen. Fabrice Vandeputte: “We are ready to play the dams if necessary”

The Stade Malherbe is no longer moving forward. Fabrice Vandeputte’s men lost to Sochaux (0-1) during the 34th day of Ligue 2, this Saturday, April 24. Seventeenth, the Caennais see the place of barrage approaching dangerously … Discover the reactions of Fabrice Vandeputte and Prince Oniangué. Fabrice Vandeputte (coach of SM Caen): “Sullivan (Péan) had […]

Cauet inconsolable at not having been able to play at the theater of Calais

Ultra-popular radio and television host, actor, singer, author, DJ and comedian, Sébastien Cauet cannot console himself for not having been able to play his show at the municipal theater. “It’s at least five years old, this story …” first reacts Pascal Pestre, the deputy delegate for the attractiveness of the territory. In his show C’Cauet, […]

Telework: “Play the game to the end”

The telecommuting profoundly changes the life of companies and their employees. For Prithwiraj Choudhury, teleworking specialist and teacher at Harvard Business School, this form of organization should be seen more as a “Work from anywhere”, which allows employees to relocate to the geographic area of ​​their choice and not where their business is located. In […]

Kim Clijsters “very excited to go to New York and play” at US Open

The Belgian player, who returns from an abdominal injury, is eager to resume official competition. Kim Clijsters reassured his fans following his abdominal injury sustained at the end of July during his victorious run in World Team Tennis with the New York Empire team. The 37-year-old Limburgian thus confided in an interview on ESPN that […]

In October, FC Annecy hopes to be able to continue playing at Rumilly

Posted on 09/10/2020 at 6:52 p.m. By Thibault Petit Still deprived of a stadium, the Fécé should make a new exemption request from the French Football Federation to welcome US Avranches and SC Lyon at the Grangettes stadium, before returning to the Parc des Sports in November… or not. Cis the most total blur. FC […]