The British turned himself into a “non-binary Korean”

Photo: Oli London underwent 15 plastic surgeries Oli London spent $ 150,000 on plastic surgery to look like South Korean singer Jimin. British singer Oli London has gone through 15 plastic surgeries to look like his idol, South Korean vocalist Jimin of BTS. Told by the tabloid Daily Mail. It is noted that the […]

Presented “charged” Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in Warrior body kit

Japanese SUV began to look dynamic and modern. Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_ A common tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is considered the body color in gloss. It is the least expensive and does not take much time. But for those who want to stand out from the general flow and collect […]

What will be the two-color version – render

A Vesta with a black top may look no worse than KIA Seltos. LADA Vesta went on sale almost five years ago, and during this time has not undergone any restyling. At the same time, the car is the second in the list of best-sellers of the Russian car market, but this does not negate […]

The face is swollen from Botox. How does Borisov keep Ernst’s “love”?

For 14 years, Dmitry’s appearance has not changed at all. Is youth the secret of success on Channel One? “Let them talk” rating show, prime time broadcast, large audience and daily releases – for what merits did Borisov become the main star of “Channel One”? And are the rumors that Konstantin Ernst “not breathing evenly” […]

Why UAZ pickup does not shine?

Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant received OTTS for a pick-up version of the Patriot model with an automatic transmission. In the open base of Rosstandart, a document appeared on a model with automatic transmission, which will begin to operate on April 1. Just like the classic UAZ Patriot, the Patriot pickup will be equipped with a French-made […]