Zelensky and his wife will visit Qatar

The visit is scheduled for April 5 During the visit of the head of state, investments, the situation with the coronavirus, cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and the military-technical sphere will be discussed. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and First Lady Elena Zelenskaya will pay an official visit to Qatar. The visit is scheduled […]

The man who beat his girlfriend in the middle of the street was released!

On Manas Boulevard, between HK and his girlfriend HK, allegedly jealousy broke out on June 26 in the evening. Upon prolonging the debate, HK battered his girlfriend with a fist and slap. Although the battered girl tried to prevent her by holding her boyfriend by the arms, she was not successful. Those moments were viewed […]

Casoria, a group of young girls encircles and hits the same age: the video

The images shared on social media, shot in a commercial park in Casoria, just outside Naples – Facebook Francesco Emilio Borrelli /Courier TV The complaint comes from the Facebook page of the Campania councilor of the Greens, Francesco Emilio Borrelli. A video, shot in a commercial park in Casoria, on the outskirts of Naples, portrays […]