Modification of credits. WIRON will replace WIBOR. Who will earn, who will lose: who is already paying off and only taking out a mortgage for an apartment [4.12.2022]

WIRON, or Warsaw Interest Rate Overnight (formerly WIRD), will become one of the most important factors in determining the interest rate on loans in Poland. It is a widely criticized substitute for WIBOR. What exactly is WIRON? What determines? How will it affect the loan installments? Will it be more favorable and more transparent from […]

Forecasts for the real estate market. Look for opportunities. There will be many because inflation keeps prices down and weakening creditworthiness weakens demand [9.11.2022]

The housing market will soon face a reshuffle. We should expect dips next year, but it’s hard to say what exactly we will see. On the one hand, house prices are constantly being strengthened by rising inflation, but on the other hand they are hampered by decreasing customer creditworthiness. Contents The situation in the housing […]