A bar owner uses a cunning ploy to attract customers .. After throwing a bill in front of the bar at the visitors, the shock was! • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: a Jordanian citizen was sentenced to prison after resorting to an out-of-the-ordinary marketing ploy to attract customers and promote a new café he wanted to open in the capital, Amman. In his marketing trick, the Jordanian citizen relied on throwing a “fifty” dinar note in front of the visitor and customer bar, which […]

Road transport is recruiting: how to attract 50,000 candidates to a disparaged profession?

Florence Berthelot, general delegate of the National Federation of Road Transport (FNTR), sounds the alarm: the sector urgently needs 40,000 to 50,000 employees, mainly drivers, but also forklifts and operating personnel ”. Road transport is one of the sectors of activity that are struggling to recruit, along with catering, construction and digital. Alerted by employer […]

Alcohol and girls. Konchalovsky’s son showed how “spit” his parents

Peter’s Twitter posts outraged netizens. In the marriage, Julia and Andrey got two children, but fate was not supportive. Daughter Maria was seriously injured in the accident and for 6 years nothing has been known about her health. The youngest son of the family, Peter recently started a blog where he actively shows a “marginal” […]