Le Figaro had spotted five award-winning albums

LA CASE BD – Landis Blair, Léonie Bischoff, Maurane Mazars, Michel Rabagliati, Zanzim … The authors and designers rewarded in Angoulême had entrusted us with their manufacturing secrets, via our weekend format, the Case BD. Le Fauve d’or, best album award : The Hunting Accident, in the dantesque hell of an American prison On May […]

Léonie Bischoff, all fired up

BACK TO SCHOOL FIGURES-. Anaïs Nin’s mad designer is in the running for the Best Album Award at the Angoulême Festival. Léonie Bischoff is only 39 years old, and yet we already feel a great maturity in her. This Swiss woman with a laughing but determined look has signed a highly noticed graphic novel this […]

Tanz !, a freedom-loving youth in 1950s New York

LA CASE BD – In her second album, selected in Angoulême, Maurane Mazars, the 29-year-old designer, gracefully illustrates the dance world. Luminous. The Angoulême Festival hailed a true hymn to life and freedom by selecting Dance! for the race for the Golden Fauve. Maurane Mazars’ second album, his school project, celebrates daring youth, the one […]