Sharing the interests of a community with a shared future for mankind_ 东方 Fortune Network

Original title: Sharing the benefits of a community with a shared future for mankind The community with a shared future for mankind is a philosophical category with rich ideological connotations. Its humanistic meaning not only demonstrates the creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but is also widely accepted and recognized […]

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Test of artificial existence: Could the intelligence of SantaNet destroy the whole world?

Will humanity deal with the future SantaNet? Credit: 20th Century Fox Television. Christmas does unpredictable things with people. Australian scientists have inspired an absolutely remarkable thought test that has turned Christmas into a catastrophic horror. In this test, it was nothing less than an artificial being, or AGI (Artificial general intelligence), an advanced artificial intelligence […]

Will wearing a mask also be compulsory on TV from September 1?

Question asked on 08/19/2020 Hello, You are referring to the words of Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor. Asked about BFM TV on the wearing of a mask compulsory in all companies from 1is September, she admitted that the question also arose for television studios: “A priori, we are in a closed space, so, no doubt, […]

You should do this if you see an abandoned dog or child in a sweltering car

The messages can be read every summer: children, dogs or other animals that are left in scorching hot cars in the scorching sun and must be freed. “It’s often ignorance,” says Silos. And so Animal Protection repeats their call year after year. “People underestimate it. Dogs cannot sweat, they lose their heat through the soles […]

“The work is more substantial than we thought”

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 12:08 p.m. By Sudinfo Outages have robbed thousands of Telenet customers of the Internet since yesterday evening. And the problem is likely to last… On Twitter or Facebook, messages are counted by the dozen. Whether purely interrogative or expressing a certain nervousness, everyone points to the same problem: […]

Chinese laboratory thinks it can stop the pandemic without a vaccine

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 9:42 a.m. By AFP Hundreds of laboratories around the world are competing to produce a vaccine against the new coronavirus, but researchers in China say they have already developed a treatment that can stop the epidemic. A drug in the testing phase at the prestigious Peking University (“Beida”) […]

No time for red carpet – Spark No. 19 (5614) from 05/18/2020

Coronavirus threatened one of the pillars of world cinema – film festivals. Today, not only small, but often even large movie screenings have thought about survival. The other day the last bastion surrendered – the famous Cannes Film Festival. True, not to the end. Alexander Pasyugin Film festivals are one of the pillars of cinema, […]

In Spain, the health system shaken by the absence of families in the hospital

Grandstand. The confinement imposed on Spanish society in the context of the fight against Covid-19 disrupts the habits of families with regard to the health system and the care of their loved ones. Health management of the Covid-19 currently prohibits families from accompanying their loved ones to the emergency room and supporting them during hospitalization. […]