Heavy Russian attacks on key city of Soledar

– After an unsuccessful attempt to capture Soledar, the enemy gathered, changed tactics and launched a new intense attack, Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar writes in Telegram. He claims that it is mainly Russian private army Wagner mercenaries who are leading the attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has also spoken out and argues that the […]

The United States announces a new package of military aid to Ukraine

Among other things, for the first time, Ukraine will receive about 50 Bradley-type armored personnel carriers, as the White House confirmed on Thursday. The military aid package unveiled on Friday is the largest since Russia invaded Ukraine. This includes military material taken from Pentagon warehouses. This is worth $2.85 billion and will be sent directly […]

Report of new Russian drone strikes in southern Ukraine

State news agency Ukrinform reports that two groups of Iranian-made Shahed drones have been spotted in Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine. – Air warning. Two groups of mopeds, writes the head of the military administration Vitlij Kim on Telegram. Ukrainians call drones mopeds because of the noise the motor makes. Sunday evening air raid sirens circled […]

Ukraine: 45 drones shot down

In a brutal New Year attack, Russia sent dozens of drones and rockets into Kiev and other Ukrainian cities overnight. In Kiev, the flight alarm went off half an hour after midnight. The Air Force says 13 of the drones were shot down before midnight and 32 after midnight Sunday night. It was not disclosed […]

Several explosions in Kiev on New Year’s Eve: at least one person was killed

Witnesses say they have heard of a dozen explosions in Kiev. Mayor Vitalij Klitschko confirms that there have been explosions. – One of the explosions occurred between residential buildings in the Solomjansky district. Emergency services are arriving at the scene, Klitschko says according to Euromaidan Press Chirping. According to Independent Kyiv Klitschko says at least […]

New missile attacks against several Ukrainian cities

Thursday morning’s attacks were aimed at the capital Kyiv, the large city Kharkiv in the northeast and Lviv near the border with Poland. Most of Lviv, rarely hit by Russian rockets, was without electricity after the attacks, according to Mayor Andriyj Sadovyj. Rockets also fell in the western region of Ivano-Frankivsk, at the foot of […]

Civilians fleeing Russian attacks in Kherson

A long line of cars filled with terrified civilians took second BBC the last few days crawled out of Kherson, which was hit by a fierce Russian attack on Christmas Eve. While there were scenes of jubilation in the city last month, from which Russian forces withdrew on Nov. 11, residents received a dramatic reminder […]