How Far Is the Divide in the Taliban? This is the Algerian Report

Divisions within the Taliban stronghold are reported between political and military factions. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KABUL – Report on divisions among leaders Taliban sticking out again. Diplomatic and political sources say the strife among Taliban leaders is very real. If this disharmony is not addressed, it will cause further problems for the Afghan people. As quoted from […]

Hunted by US and opponents, Taliban spokesman apparently lives in Kabul

Zabiullah Mujahid repeatedly escaped US ambushes and was often considered a ghost, REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KABUL — Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid admitted that he had been living in the capital of Afghanistan so he was very close to his enemies who thought of him as a figure like a ghost. Mujahid has been operating in the shadows […]

Wanted by the Taliban, Afghan Air Force Pilots Head to the UAE

Afghan Air Force pilots evacuated to United Arab Emirates. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, WASHINGTON – Pilot Afghanistan US-trained and other personnel began leaving Uzbekistan on Sunday (12/9). They fled to Uzbekistan since Taliban took over Afghanistan on 15 August. The move is expected to take place in waves, starting on Sunday (13/9). A pilot who spoke on condition […]