Cult series Just wait, hares! has a new look. The fans are horrified

Legendary children’s animated series from the times of the Soviet Union Just wait, hares! has been continued. The Russian company Soyuzmultfilm published a trailer and the audience immediately received sharp reactions. 0:45 “You’re ruining our grandfathers’ work.” Trailer for the series Just wait, hare! scared the fans. | Video: youtube / Soyuzmultfilm The new project […]

A new milestone for astronauts. China sends the first woman to the space station

Shortly after midnight there, China launched the spacecraft Shenzhou 13. Its target is the still unfinished Chinese space station, and the ship’s crew will remain on it for the next six months. This is the second group of astronauts to go to Tianjung Station. For the first time, however, a woman is among them. For […]

A little different New York. The Ukrainian city is shrouded in mystery

New York, Ukraine, is a city of 10,000 that has recently been shelled by Russian-backed separatists. The origin of its name is a mystery. Some associate it with German settlers from the 19th century, but others point to evidence from the 18th century. 3:17 The famous New York has a mysterious namesake. There is a […]

A Chinese module landed on Mars. The robotic truck examines the surface

The Chinese space module successfully landed on Mars. This was announced on Saturday by the state agency New China with reference to the Chinese National Space Agency CNSA. The module contains a robotic vehicle that should examine the surface of the planet. “China has left its mark on Mars for the first time,” the New […]