After the business revolt over electricity prices, the ministry and BEH explained

TPP “Maritsa East 2” Photo: Archive Andrey Zhivkov’s department closely monitored the situation with the state TPP, but the operational activity was the task of the plant and BEH. The holding clarified that they are a financial structure and cannot interfere with TPP “Maritsa East 2” After the business’s letter to Prime Minister Stefan Yanev […]

Thousands of hectares of forest are burning in Russia: there is a victim

Photo: social networks (illustrative photo) 14 thousand hectares of forest are burning in Russia In the Chelyabinsk region, 14 thousand hectares of forest are burning – more than 350 people have been evacuated. The situation is aggravated by strong winds. In the Chelyabinsk region, Russia, 14,000 hectares of forest are on fire – at least […]

WHO: The coronavirus situation in the Western Balkans is serious

PHOTO: Pixabay The situation with the coronavirus in the countries of the Western Balkans is serious, warned Catherine Smolud from the European Representation of the World Health Organization, Macedonian media reported. The fact that hospitals are being transformed into facilities for the treatment of patients with KOVID-19 means that other types of medical services have […]

Media: Italy Says Mafia Controls Vaccination Campaign

Vaccines in Italy do not reach older and vulnerable people Crime syndicates are redirecting coronavirus vaccines to their friends at the expense of older and vulnerable people. The situation is being investigated by a special parliamentary commission. Italian mafia is taking coronavirus vaccines from those who need them most, reports the publication Politico. According to […]

RHI in Sofia wants to close malls, gyms and restaurants for 14 days

Dancho Penchev Staff: BNT We must approach the analysis we are doing very carefully and propose adequate measures. The situation in the hospitals in Sofia is very serious. Beds have been increased everywhere, but the pressure on hospitals is very serious. This was stated by the director of RHI – Sofia, Dancho Penchev to BNT. […]

Crowded Slovakia exports COVID patients to Poland and Germany

PHOTO: Reuters The first Slovak patients with COVID-19 have been admitted from neighboring Poland, and others are expected in Germany to alleviate the situation in the Central European country, which has the highest mortality rate in the pandemic worldwide, authorities in Bratislava said. France Press. Three patients are currently in Poland. We know that more […]