From Flensburg to Frankfurt: More Christmas markets are starting in Germany

In the second Corona year, the republic is divided on the topic of Christmas markets: While the famous markets in Dresden and Nuremberg are canceled, they are now going on in Cologne, Hamburg or Berlin. The first cities are tightening the regulations. Berlin | Mulled wine, almonds, handicrafts – but not for all: On the […]

World Beer Award given: These are the best beers in the world: German brand top

A German brewery from Saarland took first place at the “World Beer Awards 2021”. German beer brands were also able to convince in some sub-categories. Berlin | At this year’s “World Beer Awards”, thousands of types of beer from all over the world were compared with one another in an elaborate evaluation process. At least […]

Director and screenwriter: Not without his brother – Joel Coen turns 67

He has created classics like “Fargo” or “The Big Lebowski”. Joel Coen is one of the last auteur filmmakers in Hollywood – one shouldn’t forget his brother Ethan. Berlin | It is hard to imagine Joel Coen without his brother Ethan. Script, direction and production – the two have only existed in pairs since the […]

Cinema in Parchim: The Movie Star closes

Cinema operator Stephan Rauchfuss pulls the emergency brake because of the introduction of 2 G Plus. Already since the introduction of 2 G on Monday hardly any spectators came Parchim | Now is exactly what no one wanted to imagine anymore. Although there is no lockdown, there are measures that result in a similar state. […]