Dubai TV and Film Production celebrates the success of the film “Patha…

the date 2/15/2023 11:08:29 PM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) The adventure and action movie, “Pathan”, continues to be shown in the emirate’s cinemas, amidst great audience interaction. The Dubai Film and Television Production Committee organized a special ceremony to show the film, at “Reel Cinema” in the Dubai Mall, in honor of the participants in the success of […]

Unni Mukundan is crying, the experience of returning from Ayyappaswamy’s stable; Praising the actor, K. Surendran | K Surendran Pens Malikappuram Movie Watching Experience

NoBJP state chairman K. praised Tun Unni Mukundan and Malikappuram cinema. Surendran. Surendran wrote on Facebook that the film has given him the experience of going to Sabarimala and returning home to Ayyappaswamy. Everyone who has gone to Sabarimala has a presence of Swami that they feel somewhere in their journey. This is what we […]

Clichéd ‘Butterfly’- Review | Anupama Parameswaran Butterfly Movie Review

NoAnupama Parameswaran is the female lead in the film Butterfly directed by veteran Ghanta Satish Babu, a mystery thriller whose screenplay was also written by Ghanta Satish Babu. Apart from Telugu, the film directly released through Hotstar can also be enjoyed in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada languages. Butterfly is the story of famous criminal lawyer […]