Bird flu cuts egg supply as Bay Area restaurants hit | California | The Epoch Times

[The Epoch Times, 11 gennaio 2023](Collected and reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Yingying) At present, the United States is facing a serious crisis.Bird fluepidemic, which led toCaliforniaand across the countryeggSupply shortages also had an impactrestaurantBusiness. bay areaA little bit ofrestaurantThe operator said a box of 15 dozeneggPrices, compared to mid-2022, have more than doubled […]

Huang Yun, First Generation TV Personality and Famous Screenwriter of the Communist Party of China Has Died | “Shanghai Family” | TV series | Film script

[The Epoch Times, 10 gennaio 2023]Recently, the epidemic raged in China and a large number of people died. The first generation of TV personalities and famous screenwritersHuang Yunalso recently died, wrote songs praisingMembers of the Communist PartyOfscript。 Shanghai Metropolis Daily “Morning News” reported on January 8 that the famous screenwriterHuang YunHe died at the Shanghai […]

Many Places in China Now ‘Spill Milk and Kill Cows’ Dairy Farmers: Ranches Losing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Month | Hebei | Inner Mongolia | Shandong

[The Epoch Times, 8 gennaio 2023]Due to insufficient consumer demand, there is a surplus of raw milk in China.Hebei、Mainland Mongolia、ShandongThe phenomenon of “dumping milk and killing cows” has appeared in many areas. Many insiders predict that the price of raw milk could continue its downward trend in 2023. A man from Suzhou City, Anhui Province, […]

Cruel official Fu Zhenghua made a televised confession. Netizens ridiculed his “performance” | Big Tiger | Confession in front of the camera |

[The Epoch Times, 7 gennaio 2023](Full report by Epoch Times reporter Li Yun) The CCP’s CCTV broadcast a so-called anti-corruption film.Big tiger“Confession. Among them, those sentenced to death with reprieve “Political tiger“Fu ZhenghuaAppearance. Netizens ridiculed Fu Zhenghua’s “performance” on camera. According to terrestrial media comprehensive reports, the Propaganda Department of the CCP Central Commission for […]

Fighting passengers on Mexican flight: we fell to the ground | Cartel | Drug lords

[The Epoch Times, 07 gennaio 2023](Epoch Times reporter Li Yan full report) “This is an attack aircraft, Dad.” David Tellez (David Tellez) young children said, they took The Aeromexico airliner was about to take off when, suddenly, a military plane landed on the runway next to them. Then shots rang out. “As we accelerated for […]