Camila Sodi makes you sigh in silk top and mini skirt

The famous Mexican artist Camila Sodi He shared a daring choreography through his social networks in which he appears showing off his incomparable beauty, his exquisite style and his innate coquetry dressed in a romantic silk outfit that accentuated his stylized silhouette. Flaunting her statuesque figure, the talented actress from 35 years oldShe danced provocatively […]

What relationship does Thalía have with actress Camila Sodi?

Speaking of Camila Sodi it is very common to see the name of Thalia related to the actress, and not everyone knows that there is a family relationship between the two celebrities. Not only having great fame in everything Mexico is what relates to Thalia with Camila Sodi, but both are aunt and niece, in […]

What do Kylie Jenner, Thalía and Niurka Marcos’ daughter have in common?

Scene Jessica Merlos Sunday 21, March 2021 • 4:40 pm Although Kylie Jenner, Thalía and Niurka Marcos’ daughter, Romina Marcos, apparently do not reflect having things in common, they recently showed that they share a solid idea. Kylie, Thalía and Romina have shared with their followers signs of acceptance, self-love and female empowerment. Last week, […]

reinvent horizons to be closer to the public

Confident that 2021 will be a year to reaffirm our strength as a society both in mind and body, as well as in spirit, Thalía affirms that although the entertainment world was completely transformed during the previous months, for this year better things will come, and the The help of technology will be very important […]

Is Thalía “angry” on Instagram? | THE IMPARTIAL

EU.- Thalía is a Mexican singer recognized for her entire artistic career, that is why through her social networks she has shared part of her personal life with the purpose of having a closer contact with her followers. A few hours ago through her official account the interpreter of “You did not teach me” published […]

Thalía fantasizes about opening a taqueria in New York

Thalia has had an unstoppable 2020 despite the pandemic and it does not stop reinventing itself through its music, social networks, businesses and dreams, such as that of open a taqueria in New York or go back to acting. “I would love to return in some kind of format,” he said in an interview with […]

Thalía has a secret, and an actor revealed it without permission

No one doubts that Thalia He is extremely talented, but now it has become known that he also has a very unflattering secret. The singer had a successful acting career decades ago, through which she won the hearts of millions of people. But now it emerged that some of his castmates didn’t have such a […]

The Thalia Awards were distributed via video. Josef Abrhám received the award

The presentation of this year’s awards was accompanied by the President of the Actors’ Association, Ondřej Kepka, and guests joined the studio in Olomouc via video conferencing. Actress Erika Stárková won in the category of musicals, operetta and other musical drama genres. Pavel Režný scored for the men in this category. Tereza Groszmannová and Petr […]