Spotify shuts down its Car View mode

Spotify has now announced that they are “retiring” their Car View mode, reports Android Police. The situation was to make Spotify easier and safer to use while driving with a more stripped-down user interface. In a post on Spotify’s forum, a moderator writes that Spotify is currently exploring several different ways to improve the Spotify […]

“Apple wants to replace Iphone with AR glasses”

In ten years, Apple’s goal is to replace the Iphone with ar. It claims analyst Ming-Chi Kuo at TF International Securities, reports 9 to 5 Mac. The analyst does not go into detail what kind of ear he refers to, but he has previously talked about how Apple develops pure ear glasses that are meant […]

Incorrect dates hide new trojan for Linux

The Dutch security company Sansec has discovered a new trojan for Linux that they have chosen to call CronRAT. As the name suggests, this is a remote trojan (Remote Access Trojan) that uses cron, the system tool for scheduling automatic tasks. CronRAT adds tasks to be performed on February 31, and since that date does […]

This concludes Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite has now announced that Chapter 2 of the game will end on December 4th. It will all happen with the event The End which will start at 22:00 the same day and where the antagonist The Cube Queen will go on Fortnite Island. Groups of up to 16 players will be able to participate […]

Several years old – but Android 10 is still the most common

Android has now published a survey of the latest user figures for the various versions of the operating system, reports Android Police. The list is topped by the old Android 10 from 2018, which still has a full 26.5 percent of users. In second place is Android 11, which has accumulated 24.3 percent, and in […]

A bug in Windows Server prevents Microsoft Defender from starting

Many Windows Server users have recently discovered that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint does not start, which is a security issue. The issues occurred after the KB5007206 for Windows Server 2019 and KB5007205 for Windows Server 2022 updates were released, which has now been confirmed by Microsoft. A new update to fix the problems will be […]

Battlefield 2042 is sawn by players – several major updates on the way

A few days ago, Battlefield 2042 was released. The action game has so far received a anything but warm reception from players who criticize it for being incomplete with countless technical bugs and unbalanced playability. Now Electronic Arts is writing on its Battlefield 2042 Blog that they promise to release two major updates in the […]

Tasks: TSMC is commissioned to manufacture Apple’s 5g modem

The latest models of Iphone use 5g modems from Qualcomm, but already in two years it may be relevant for Apple to choose a self-developed alternative. According to a new report from Nikkei Asia TSMC will be commissioned to manufacture the new 5g modem. Given that the Taiwanese company already manufactures processors for Apple, the […]

The six-year-old justice mobile Fairphone 2 gets Android 10

Fairphone, a company that makes fair-trade mobile phones, writes in one press release that Android 10 is now coming to the six-year-old Fairphone 2. This means that the support for the mobile phone has been extended to seven years. Fairphone 2 is also one of the few mobiles released in 2015 that still gets software […]

Copyright puts an end to the JRR Token cryptocurrency

The estate of the British author JRR Tolkien has managed to put a stop to JRR Token, a new cryptocurrency launched in August by Matthew Jensen from Florida. According to Matthew Jensen’s lawyers, this is not a copyright infringement, despite the choice of name and lots of references to The Lord of the Rings. Among […]